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How to Lose Weight and Beat Inflammation Without Dieting

Jennifer swallows the last bite of a gooey chocolate chip cookie. She sighs and slumps her shoulders. Tomorrow she’s starting a no-carb diet. At first, the adreneline rush will carry her along. She’ll lose a bit of weight and gain some energy. But after a week, the rush wears off and it becomes a slog. Jennifer's willpower wanes and she sneaks forbidden foods when her [...]

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Cardamom-Kissed Chocolate Truffles (vegan)

Was your Valentine's Day dreamy and romantic? Or was it just another day -- sprinkled with extra candy and sweets. We had planned to dine in a new cool restaurant, but when my son came down with fever those plans changed. Luckily, I had a stash of sparkling wine in the fridge. And I had been scheming to concoct a healthy truffle recipe. I love a simple bite of da [...]

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5-Minute Vegan Alfredo Sauce That You’ll Devour

It's dinner time and you have no idea what to prepare. This happened to me on Tuesday, and as I'd been thinking about rich cream sauces, I devised this alfredo. It's absolutely delicious, healthy and vegan. Sounds too good to be true, right? Before we get started, a couple notes. I used a high-power blender to blend up the cashews into a sauce, soaking not required. If you don' [...]

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The Foolproof Way To Cook Tofu That Doesn’t Taste Like Cardboard (In Only Ten Minutes)

You’re a healthy eater. You can cook a mean stir-fry. You’ve mastered home-made hummus. And you even cook the beans from scratch.But there’s this embarrassing little glitch in your healthy eating repertoire. You can’t cook edible tofu. You used to think tofu was only for hippies. But now it’s all over the place in restaurants. And you love it. That is, when you haven [...]

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How To Create Lasting Changes Instead Of Failed Resolutions

Why is it so tough?Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?Are you among the sixty percent who give up on their resolutions after one week?I suck at New Years Resolutions and giving things up.  Because I instantly rebel when I can’t have something. But this year I want to reign in toxic habits overindulging on sweets. And instead of giving up, I’m using a method that ac [...]

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8 Ways to Reduce Pain, Cravings and Anxiety Without Drugs

It's disheartening.You spend many hours a day at a desk. You know you should move more, and fit in exercise and yoga.You might be fooled into thinking that yoga is only a physical activity. But the biggest benefits come from yoga's subtle benefits on our mind and nervous system. Read the rest of this post on the blog A Daring Adventure:​​ Read More, Don't Be Fooled! [...]

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