Holistic Health Coaching with Jessica Blanchard RD

Would you like to get fitter and healthier?

Have you tried different diets — paleo, vegan, low fat, but never found the one right for you?

Let’s face it — it’s impossible to stick to a diet once you start to doubt its effectiveness.

And who wants to give up food they love? Who wants to stick to a spartan regime for life?

So your motivation wanes. And something inside you starts to slip.

You revert to old habits. Taking seconds when you’re not that hungry, indulging in too much sugar, reaching for bread instead of broccoli.

Are you fed up with this vicious cycle of diet-failure-feeling guilty?

Why Most Diets Fail

Your overall physical health is linked to your mental and emotional mindset.

Your mindset either enables your success or dooms you to failure.

For example, why do you find it so hard to resist gooey chocolate chip cookies, when you know that you’ll feel physically terrible and guilty afterwards?

Eastern practices can help you stop sabotaging your dieting efforts.

For instance, yoga practices like breathing and meditation help you to understand the impulses behind your behaviors, and over time to make the right choices. Most of the time, you don’t take that chocolate chip cookie. But when you do, occasionally, you indulge and enjoy it as much as you can—without feeling guilty.

Together, We’ll Figure This Out

Through a holistic lens, I look at all the signs your body and mind give off — your digestion, skin, tongue, fingernails, hair, elimination. We also discuss lifestyle habits like eating and sleeping, exercise, yoga, and stress levels.

Over a series of sessions, we outline a plan of action, uniquely designed for you. For example, if you hate cooking, we’ll figure out where you can order/or buy healthy food.

How often we meet and talk depends on how much support you need, usually every couple weeks.

“After six weeks of following Jessica’s advice I felt better at 47 than I had felt at 37! I didn’t realize that I didn’t have to live with the aches and pains I had been experiencing for the past 8 years. No more body aches, no more headaches, no more bloating or constipation. That was seven years ago and I still feel great! My improved health was so obvious that people who hadn’t seen me in a few years asked me for my secret because I looked better and had even more energy than I had when they had seen me. More recently Jessica has helped me to address osteoporosis with herbs and yoga. Anytime I run into someone who wants to feel better, I always refer them to Jessica. I can’t express how thankful I am that I have her in my life.” ~Monice Oliphant, Zachary, LA

How to Get Healthy and Lose Weight Long-Term

I use the latest and greatest science-backed nutrition, yoga, and ayurveda in my work with you.

Over a series of sessions you can expect:

– a diet to fit your metabolism, your health history, your family situation and lifestyle
– if weight loss is a goal, we’ll map out what changes you need to make to lose weight once and for all
– yoga breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices to address your mental and emotional state.
– menu ideas, recipes and book recommendations to help you succeed
– cooking lessons when needed

Together, we’ll define what health and happiness look like for you and draw out a path to get to the life you desire.

I help you to solve those niggly problems that your doctor says are nothing. So you can stop feeling anxious and sluggish, and start getting sound sleep.

About Me

Jessica Blanchard Nutrition CoachHi, I’m Jessica, and I’m here to help you uncover the problems sabotaging your health and happiness.
I spent eight years trying to force myself to be happy as a management consultant in southern France. Sure I had money and I got to travel. But on the inside I was unhappy, depressed and I struggled to lose weight and find energy.

In 2000 I discovered yoga as a way to deal with stress. But it became this thirst that I couldn’t quench — I wanted to learn and practice more. In 2003 I went on a teacher training course in Thailand. Then the next year I left my job with Accenture to work and teach at the same retreat center.

Firsthand experience is the best teacher: When I started my path to wellness I was sick with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), depression and fatigue. With the support of my mentors, I used yoga and ayurveda to treat these problems for good.

Over the years I’ve spent many years in India studying yoga and it’s sister science Ayurveda. I’ve also become a Registered Dietitian in the more traditional path. I‘ve also worked with hundreds of{over 500} people, helping them to find a happier, healthier path that doesn’t involve invasive techniques or drugs.

I work both in person at Balance Yoga & Wellness and online via Skype or Facetime.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Imagine what life would be like to live without struggling with … weight loss, emotional overeating, worrying, anxiety. What would this be worth to you?

Since 2005 I’ve worked with clients all over the world providing custom coaching packages. I’ve helped them get to the root cause of their health problems so that they can move on to the important stuff in life. Examples of {their} problems {include} hormonal imbalance (infertility, Horrible PMS, PCOS,) Migraines, Weight Loss, Chronic fatigue.

“I have worked with Jessica Blanchard for 7 years. I have enjoyed her personalized approach to nutrition, unlike other militant, one-size-fits-all programs. She is from New Orleans, after all, and understands a culture’s connection to its cuisine! The dietary changes she has advised for me and my family have been appropriate, practical, and integral to a healthy lifestyle. With kindness she has helped us through challenges like insomnia, allergies, and even cancer treatment. Jessica is very knowledgeable in the practices of nutrition, Ayurveda and yoga. She’s truly a gift to her clients.” ~Violet Skye, New Orleans, LA

I’ve learned through working with hundreds of clients that making long-lasting changes takes time, so I work with you over a series of sessions. I offer a free 30-minute discovery calls to help you decide whether we’re a good fit.

In your free discovery call we’ll discuss how we can work together to get you on a path to wellness. First we take a look at your history and goals before we decide on the way forward. I’ll also share the details of my package options and we can find the best fit for you and your goals.

The discovery call is completely without obligations and risk-free. Click the button below to get started.
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